Survey about Censorshaip

Published April 10, 2012 by ★YUKA★

This is my another extra credit for this class. 🙂

I did the survey about the censorship in China because I posted about this topic before but I’d like to research it more.

This is my review.

Then, I curious that what do Chinese and people who ever been to China think about the censorship.

I sent a survey through Facebook which was made by me to people who are Chinese or ever been to China. Fortunately, I could get question from 5 people. (Male 2, Female 3 / Chinese2, Japanese2, Chinese American1)

Here is the question.

1. Are you Chinese or people who ever been to China? (If you went to China, how long did you go there?)

2. Do you know about censorship in China? (If so, please write about it as much as you know.)

3. Do you think that censorship is bad or good?

4. Do you feel that is your life style of censorship in the internet is stalking or protecting?

5. Have you or your friends ever get problem with the censorship when you are at China?

Here is the answer.

Chinese / Male

2. I know because my father is a journalist he told me that there is a filtering system for the news they report. They don’t fake news but they will only report them selectively. The internet Censorship is well known and hated in china. They have a type of police man called internet police. When they find out people are writing things against the government, they will delete the article immediately.

3. I personally hate the censorship, because the government promised freedom, but what they are doing is fooling people, people won’t know what freedom is. They stopped using Facebook in China for few years also is good example( u can google it)

4. People in china don’t really care about protecting, what they really care is to see what they want to see. In fact, many of them know what the government is doing, they are not stupid.

5. We never got in problem though, they only delete and filtering things, maybe because there is a law actually says that you have the right to do whatever you want on the internet, so if they come to you, they have no reason to put u in prison.


Chinese/ Female (She live in Japanese for 12 years)

I have no idea about this topic…. but I’m sure that Chinese government is not doing their best to help for Chinese. Also, it’s unfair everywhere.


Japanese/ Male

1. I’ve been to Hong-Kong 11 times and to Macau 15 times.

2. I just know the censorship on internet, and know that we cannot use Facebook and Twitter in China.

But, Hong-Kong and Macau is the Special Administrative Region, so I could use them when I stayed there.

3. Bad. However, China is known as one of the country of socialism, so it’s not a bad policy to maintain their belief.

This is a problem of Chinese people, so we, foreigners, have no right to accuse this.

Even we ignore that basic outsiders’ position, usually we tend to argue over on the point of democrats, but this is wrong principle.

Chinese built China on the socialism, so on their position, “socialism is wrong” itself is wrong.

Again, the censorship itself avoids the freedom of speech, but the word “freedom” is for democrats. In China, the censorship is not bad.

4. If we do not harm others’ rights or profits, we are not blamed in Japan.

5. I cannot contact my friends in China via Twitter or Facebook.


Chinese American/ Female

1. I’m American but I have relatives in China. I visited China for about 2 weeks.

2. I don’t know much about it, but I do know that the Chinese government discourages the dissemination of information by censoring anything that would hurt their country’s reputation. This leads to limited freedom in speech / writing.

For example, my father told me that Chinese people do not openly embrace Sun Yat-sen as the Father of the Nation (even in front of friends or family) because it is considered blasphemous towards Mao Zedong.

Also, they censor a lot of sites so that you cannot get any news about taboo topics such as Tibet. One Chinese American who wrote about the conflict between China and Tibet was demonized and her parents living in China were harassed by both locals and the government. 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo is also a forbidden topic and he is currently jailed for criticizing communist single-party rule in China.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites were made unusable in order to hide information from their citizens as well as stop activists from uniting.

3. I think it’s bad. Keeping your citizens ignorant to make your corrupt government look better may quell possible rebellions but has many dire consequences. Stories about kidnappings, mental illness/suicides, organ harvesting/murders, defective food products, and pandemic diseases are not reported in mainstream news. Hiding this information harms both China as well as other countries around the world. My friend from HK told me that China’s decision not to publicize cases of SARS led to the deaths of nearly a thousand people (SARS began in Guangdong province of China and was spread to Hong Kong and other countries by infected Chinese citizens). It seems that Chinese and HK locals are both aware of certain news but I would assume Chinese cannot badmouth their own country in public while HK citizens have no restraint on what they can say.

4. The Chinese government is only worried about protecting their own image but as you can see, there are too many flaws with this.

5.  Censorship was inconvenient because I couldn’t use sites like Facebook or YouTube. Also, I wanted to find an article for my friend about an old woman who sued a man that helped her and won (a prime example of China’s corrupt legal system), but government officials censored it so it was hard to find…. I ended up finding it on a Singaporean site.


Japanese/ Female

1. I was in china for 6 years

2. Yes, the government doesn’t want their citizens to see certain stuff on web so, some of the materials are blocked. (ex: fb)

3. I don’t think it is good because i think everyone has the rights to “know” what is actually going on. Also, I think this censorship problem is causing Chinese people to misunderstand their country and all of the other counties in the world.

4. Stalking, I don’t think anyone has the rights to violate one’s privacy.

5. Yes, I could not get on Facebook or some of the other websites.


In addition, I did record on SoundCloud from my Chinese friend.

As you can see this survey and recording, my friend agree with my opinion that censorship is not good for the citizen.

However, even they think so too, they cannot say that on the internet. Keeping this censorship of the reason is that China is communisn.

Unlike Japan is democracy so they have a right to say freedom.


Weird Song by using Google Translate

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This is third ds 106 assignment for an extra credit:)

I’d like to do is Google Translate Fail of Web Assignments.

Find something in a foreign language and use Google Translate and laugh about how awful it is.



I picked up this song by YouTube. This song is popular and well known since children.

I put Japanese by using Google Translate due to translate to English.

This is Japanese.

This is translate version.


I thought Google Translate could translate this song because this song is easy to sing and easy to understand for everyone.

When I used Google Translate, I could not stop laughing because of this result.

Also,  I enjoyed it:))

my cute dog

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This is my Extra credit assignment which is doing three ds106 assignments.

It is second ds106assignment as extra for me.

I chose 30 second Documentary of Video Assignment.


Make a short, 30-second documentary, the topic is up to you.


I took a video of my dog for 30 second to tell you guys how my dog loves ball.

The, I upload YouTube. Done!!

Here is a video.

(I’m sorry I did not have much skill of taking video:( )


Actually, I wanted to do CookingShow, but it was hard for me to cook and to take a video at the same time.

So, I changed to this one:)

He is still baby so he usually sleep at my house;)

Thanks a lot;)

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Today is the last day of this class, so I’m going to talk about this class.

(But I will post for my extra credit until 13th that means it is not the last one post my blog.)

When I attended this class which was the first time, I met our professor and classmates. It was my second semester so I was little bit nervous at the time. In addition, when I met Scott who is our professor in this class, it was really nice to talk and I like his lecture!!

First Section ~Pioneers’ Vision~

Actually, this section was really hard for me because I’ve never made my own blog so I did not know about how to make a link and tags and how to put images on my blog post. In addition, I’ve never used Twitter, GIMP, and Flicker so I had to have many accounts for me at the same time. Sometime, I could not log in my page so it made me When I did ds106, I took whole day for one ds106 which was not creative. Moreover, I did not have much skill of editing images so I could not get high score in this section.

Second Section ~State of the Net~

We started posting daily create. I did post almost every day because I like taking pictures so it was easy to take picture and post on my blog. It was really fun for me. In this section, I could use GIMP as natural and it made me happy;)

Third Section ~Fear and Loathing Online~

This section, I did post more than requirement so I finally got full points for this section. I did not use much time like whole day in the first section. I was really glad that I improved my editing skill. In addition, we did the presentation for few contents. It was good opportunities to talk and share some comments with my classmates.

Forth Section ~Surfin’ on Sunshine~

The last section that I did little bit before was really curious part for me. I am not good at using computers and I do not have enough knowledge about technology but I can imagine what is going on in the future by watching Bryan Alexander’s lecture.

Through doing four sections, all I want to say is that I can get opportunities to know about the internet and I can know how to make many kinds of blog post. I am really appreciating Scott Lockman. As I mentioned in my first blog post, this class was challenging class for me because of lack of knowledge with the internet. Actually, it was hard but it was fun instead. I’m glad that I could attend and joined his class.

Thank you so much Scott and my lovely classmates.

Images by Google Image

All I can imagine on 2022 is…..

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2. Bryan Alexander – The Visible College: Four futures for Higher Education

Choose one of Alexander’s four views of higher education in 2022 (this part of begins at the 37 minute of the talk) and imagine how your life will be in such a society. Since you will most likely be finished with university by then, I’d like you to talk about imagined personal and professional life. You will have to build from Alexander’s model how society as a whole might be under the particular future scenario you choose.


I know I do not have to do this assignment because I did the other one and two ds106 assignments. But I want to learn to prepare for the final exam so I’d like to share it.

This video with Bryan Alexander describes about what our society going on in the future? He says that everything will come digital in the future and higher education need for students to prepare for the future. He discuss about four futures which is Phantom Learning, The Lost Decade, Alt, residential, and Renaissance. I chose Phantom Learning from Bryan Alexander’s four futures for higher education. This is because I will become 31 years old in 2022 and I want children who will get higher education until that time. I can imagine how our society more relies on high technologies in 2022. However, if my future children go to university, I want them to learn from many kinds of lectures like I did them now. As Bryan Alexander says, “Students spent more time in K-12 with on-line classes than face-to-face one”. If it becomes the real, it is easy for them to attend and study instead of going to school. However, I do not like people who use the internet without face-to-face communication. Communication on on-line do not mean that people can talk directly. No one can understand what people think in reality. In addition, if students take many lectures on on-line, they may get nervous when they get their job. Bryan Alexander describes about Phantom Learning, he states that “Libraries are mostly media production sites”. Now, the importance of the library in TUJ is to search what people looking for and to read many books and articles which are paper version. If there are many media production sites, it is not necessary to have a library in universities. Also, I can imagine that people will not go to work in many companies because of the higher education when they get their job. If I were student in 2022, I would become lazy person by relying on technologies.

Future book for Child

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This is my second ds106 assignment that I chose.

I’d like to do Mashup Children’s book of Mashup Assignments.

Mashup a children’s book based on another cultural artifact.


I searched picture of this book on Google Image because I liked it and read it many times when I was young.

Doing third section, our society will be changing to rely on technology such as computers and cellphones. That is why I made this picture.

Based on this picture

Then I edit these images with mouse’s hand.

I made it;))


I wanted to emphasize how children’s playing things will be changing.

Tells internet story around us

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This is ds106 assignmnet that I chose:)

I’d like to do Tell Me a Story of Writing Assignmnments.

Everything has a story. So, find an item that you have an extreme emotional attachment to, take a picture of it, and tell the story! Convey all the emotion and feeling, and let us know why the item is important to you!

Two assignments from two different categories one of which must be from a category you haven’t yet attempted
 (if you’ve already done all eight categories you have free choice).
Your ds106 assignments need to be in some way related to the overarching theme of the Surfin’ on Sunshine section.
That means you need to create something that looks to or imagines a possible future related to Cyberspace and Society.
It needn’t be a utopian view. if you feel things are hopelessly out of control, a dystopian viewpoint might be more appropriate.
When I was elementary school student as 5 grade, I got cellphone from my parents because they usually went to work so it was good to talk together on cellphone.
The cellphone called PHS at the time. It is funny now and I think no one has this PHS.
But actually, I didn’t use a lot because I little bit scared to call them because they were hard workers.
My first impression of the cellphone was easy to carry and it’s cute of color. (It was blue and I decorated some stickers.)
When I was junior high school student, half of people have their own cellphone. My school had a strict rule so we could not bring our cellphone to school. But we exchanged our cellphone numbers and e-mail address at school and then we enjoyed keeping touch on our cellphone at our house. There was bad thing by having their own cellphone because there was underground portal weblog sites by school children.
It was getting worst problem at my school because there were lots of internet bullying on underground portal weblog sites by school children.
Even I ever been got problem on this sites. For example, someone said about me on this blog in a bad way but I never cared these things so it was fine to me. But, my friends who are little bit negative person got shocked about these saying. Some people were absent in a few days. At the time, I liked chatting with my friends on my friends but I didn’t use the internet of my cellphone a lot because I wasn’t interested in it.
When I was high school student, everyone had their own cellphone.  I really remenberd on entrance ceremony because everyone brought their own cellphone to exchange classmates’ cellphone numbers and e-mail adress:) At the time, Zenryaku Profile was really popular site. It was introducing sites about each person. Even I had it.hahaha Because of this sites, I was interested in the internet with my cellphone. In addition, I had a computer class which taught us how to make power point and when we do assignments, we searched lots of things at computer room.
My parents had their own computer for their work so I could not allow to use their computers. I did not have oppotunities to use computers. That is why I enjoyed using the internet with my cellphone instead of computers. Read the rest of this entry →